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As I neared the gym I could hear the girls in the locker room
getting changed. I slipped into the janitors closet beside the entrance
of the gym and waited for Brooke. After 20 minutes I heard the door
open. Startled, I jumped back almost knocking over a mop until I
realized it was Brooke. “Shhhh….you are awfully loud!” she yelled at
me playfully. “Sorry…” I muttered. “Oh well, strip out of your
clothes in the locker room down there, we are all in the gym now and the
doors are closed so you can get past without anyone seeing you. I’ll
sneak down in a few minutes and we can have our little party.” Brook
said, winking at me. “Make sure you have all your clothes off, I don’t
want to wait when I get down there.” she said. Then she skipped away
with her little cheerleader skirt darting up. I saw a little wet spot
on her uniform. “Damn, she’s already wet!” I whispered to myself. I
darted out of the closet, running down to the girls locker room. Oh God
I’m in heaven now! There were girls panties and bras sitting
everywhere. I picked up a pair of the panties, bringing them to my
face. They smelled of sweet pussy. I was now very hard myself, and
after waiting all day I took off my clothes and stroked my dick a few
times. Then I picked up a pair of panties and rubbed them on my dick.
“Ohhh” was all that came from my mouth. Then I heard the door open.
Hear she comes! I threw down the panties and stood straight up. But it
was not Brooke. It was someone else, and I was caught with my pants

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Although there were no set directions, they still felt like
actors on a stage. With grace, Alex removed her jacket. They had
both rehearsed this role in some form before. As he brushed her
shoulder an electric current began to run through her body.
Slowly the buttons of her top began to become undone. She glanced
at Herman and saw his hands sitting in his lap. She turned to
Herman and said “You’ve gotta take yours off too, you know. I
want to see when you get it up. And just so we know what is
possible, I need to know if your impotence is biological or

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She began that very night by urging her not unwilling
husband to shave her twat until it was virgin clean. With the
outside pristine, she demanded that the same be done for the
interior. This of course had to be repeated to insure absolute
cleanliness (and horniness) for the Wednesday to come, following
her personal maximum, “The more, the better”.
When the showdown Wednesday finally arrived, Clarissa
dressed to meet the challenge. Although Alex never paid attention
to anything she wore, Clarissa woke up the 30 minutes earlier to
dress for Herman. She began with a low cut lacy black bra and a
matching black garter belt and stockings. Next came a sheer black
silk sleeveless top and a short tight black skirt. So her
students wouldn’t be unduly distracted, she topped her outfit
with a long white linen jacket. Though this was definitely
blackmail, she thought it might be kind of fun.

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Herman continued recounting the university’s policy about fornication on
campus. Until this point, Clarissa didn’t even know they had one.
Her mind started drifting to visions of her and Alex standing on
unemployment lines. Herman’s next words brought her quickly back
to earth.
“I also know that you are both married, however, not to each
Chivalry or not, she decided to take the bull by the horns.
“What do you want?”
Knowing that he had the upper hand, he quickly retorted, “So
glad you finally asked.” His bravura quickly faded when his
explanation actually began.
After a lot of uhs, and you-knows they found out that Herman
did indeed like women, very much so. His problem was that he
couldn’t get it up.
“In exchange for my silence, I would like the two of you to
give me a little lesson on how it’s done. To insure you use your
best teaching methods, I will add that if I don’t get an erection
while watching, I will have to inform all parties about your
activities. I noted that Wednesday afternoon is the usual time
for your rendezvous in the library, so I have scheduled a private
seminar in the lab next week. I trust that you will be there.”

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One of the worst things about having graduated to the “Real World” some
years ago is the thought of work. Used to be that when I felt like blowing
off a class and getting stoned and listening to music all day while sucking
down beers was the norm. Now, it’s hit that alarm at 6:30 in the ayem and
crawl to the office. Face it, if you don’t do it, you get shit-canned, end of
discussion. Sometimes, of course, the things that happen at the office make
all the annoyance of having to get up at some ungodly hour and dragging your
ass in worth it. Usually, it’s something simple like writing a particularly
clever program or getting a bonus or single-handedly convincing a customer to
buy off a system that isn’t quite ready. Then there are the *other* times,
like what happened at work last week. Continue reading Sex at work

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Jack was the baseball instructor for Camp Wanamaro. As a
specialist, he enjoyed perks the regular counselors didn’t, like more
time off in the evenings and less time with the crabby kids.

This was Jack’s third year at the camp, and he had earned a
reputation as being quite friendly (“Considering he’s a New Yorker…”),
someone you could talk to about camp or personal problems. He enjoyed
this status and found it easy to maintain. The one thing he lacked at
camp was a summer romance. At 23, he was older than most of the other
staffers, who were either just starting college or finishing high
school. There were a few older, more mature people whose company he
enjoyed, but there had never been any special girl. Until now. Continue reading Summer Camp Lovers

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Ann is in her early forties, approximately five feet five inches
tall and very well proportioned for her size (34C-23-35), with
beautiful legs, which she takes every opportunity to show off.

After my promotion, Ann became my secretary. Almost immediately
her work habits became sloppy. She was habitually tardy; sick at
least one day per week, etc. After some time had gone by, I
reprimanded her and she promised to do better. After a few months
of excellent work, she slowly slid back to her previous ways,
which were totally out of character, based on my previous
dealings with her. Continue reading My friends secretary

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California has it’s fair share of cold, wet weather. Perhaps not as bad as
some areas of the country, but then, you wouldn’t be riding a motorcycle in
December if you lived in Minnesota either. It WAS cold, and wet, and raining
like hell that dark December evening, and I WAS riding a motorcycle, a Honda
CX500 to be exact, home from work. I was looking forward to getting home to
the apartment I shared with Tanya, where she would be waiting for me with
warm dry clothes.

Thursdays were the best. My four-day week ended, giving me three days to
enjoy, and it meant that Tanya’s weekend started. I hated her graveyard
shifts, but it did mean we relished the nights we actually slept together. Continue reading Perfact shaved pussy

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Angelica was still there, waiting anxiously. She held and had
been examining the gag that Stacy had worn, but when Jim emerged
from the office, she quickly put it down, away from her. The lady
guard sat at the desk, seeming to be busy with paperwork. “Am I
still to help with this?” Angelica asked, as if fearing that she had
been eliminated from the plan.
“Of course, we will have you sign all the papers in a moment,
and then we will swear you in as a deputy.”
“Do I get to wear a badge, like in the Westerns?” asked Angelica
with a flirtatious smile.
Jim returned her smile. “No, no badge, but since you are
helping with a law enforcement matter, it is required that you be a
deputy of a U.S. Marshal.”
“Do I get to carry a gun?” she asked. Continue reading Cruel bondage sex story

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Dear Diary:

I’ve been here a month now so I guess I’d better catch up on some of the
things that have been happening. OH! I haven’t met my TRUE LOVE or anything
like that, but I sure have been having fun.
In spite of what the women at work said, I did go out with one guy from
work. Well, I ‘sort of’ went out with him. Wait. You’ll see as I explain
what happened. You see, after I had been there a couple of days he called me
in to take a letter. I hadn’t seen him before and when I did, well I just
about flipped. I honestly wondered why on earth he wasn’t a movie star. I’d
met attractive men before, but he was something else. Everything about him
just fit together perfectly. Continue reading Office sex

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I had to go to the department store. My supply of shirts had
become just about exhausted, and a sale was in progress. Might
as well stock up, I thought.

At the counter was a rather attractive saleswoman. About 34, she
was on the tall side (5’11” or so) with a medium build, and dark
hair. It wasn’t her physical appearance that attracted me, though;
it was a necklace she was wearing – a necklace worn only by members
of Select, an organization of sexually liberated people. Continue reading Sexual bondage

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Last week, I stumbled on something that made me completely
change the way I thought about my girlfriend. I decided to
drop by Nancy’s house last Thursday night at about 10 P.M. She
wasn’t expecting me, but I would often stop by her house after
work. I get off at around nine thirty, and Nancy only lives
about 20 minutes from the store where I work.
When I got to Nancy’s house, I noticed her friend Judy’s
car parked outside. This didn’t seem out of the ordinary at
all, since Judy and Nancy have been the best of friends since
they graduated high school a few years ago. As I approached
the house, I heard loud music coming from one of the bedrooms
in the back. I could tell her parents weren’t home, because
their car wasn’t parked in the driveway, so I went around to
the back. When I got to Nancy’s window, I peered in through a
small space between the carelessly closed curtains. When I
looked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Continue reading Guy caught his girlfriend with a woman

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She turned in her bed and burrowed among the pillows … the sun was
peeping in through the window and that was her alarum clock this season.
But a few moments wouldn’t matter. Squirmed and cuddled against a satiny

It had been a nice party yesterday. They had talked about Sartre and CAD
programs and sex and war and got a little high. It was a wonderful thing
to have good friends. Not really friends actually, but colleagues and
acquaintances. And then that icecream was a great way to finish off. No
calories. None. Not one! Atleast that is what the label said, though
Andrew pickering claimed that it was just dishonest advertising. Continue reading Adoring slave

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It was Friday afternoon and I was glad I didn’t have a date. I’d
been asked but nothing seemed right about any of them. I just
wanted to be alone.

Seattle was rainy when I boarded the United flight to Los

First class always appeals to me. Not just in flights but
everything else too. I guess I just feel more important when I
spend more money on me. Clothes, car, my hair, having my nails
done, a facial, presents for friends, restaurants and flying in
first class. Why was I thinking of all these things? My mind was
wandering. Continue reading Rileys friend turns into a lesbian slave

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Jenny’s arms were firmly held to the bedframe by the shackles
on her wrists. A broad leather strap held her body down on the
bed. She strained to reach Lisa’s soft skin and lush body, but
the younger blonde-haired girl held back just out of reach.

Both women were naked. Lisa held a large vibrating dildo that
was covered with flavored KY jelly in one hand, and a leather
strap in the other. Her tits bounced on her chest as she surveyed
her captive.

Jenny’s fingers could just reach Lisa’s smooth belly. Lisa watched
as her English professor tried desperately to stroke her breasts and
pussy. She giggled and pulled back a few inches, slapping Jenny
with the strap, leaving a broad red welt on her arm. Continue reading Ravens friends sex story